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College Recruiting

College recruiting for basketball talent is growing rapidly and is very competitive.
Today talented athletes have a chance to be exposed to colleges if they start early and go through the process methodically.
As a coach, I see the importance of helping students who are interested in getting exposed to colleges.  This opportunity becomes more and more critical the closer the player is to graduating.
The earlier you start the process, the more you can prepare to position yourself to be recruited.
To help players get recruiting, I have developed a program that will prepare you in different areas, expose you to colleges, and market you to targeted colleges.    

Included in the program:

  • Building the player's recruiting profile and goals
  • Creating video highlights - A set of 3 one-half hour videos with highlights of the player will be produced by a professional videographer with a timeline view showing improvement and accentuating the player's strengths
  • Customized player marketing plan - The marketing plan will be based on goals and needs of the player and familiy and will identify what colleges and universities to target that are in the NCAA Division, I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO and what combination of digital, print and social mediums to use that will help gain maximum exposure)
  • Executing the marketing plan  
  • Exposing the player to colleges
    • Exposure combines - 2 exposure combines (fall and spring) 
  • Building the player's skills through different programs
    • Coaching the player through one-on-one video coaching assessment 
    • Participation in tournaments  - Hall of fame tournaments in Massachussettes in October
    • Partcipation in AAU state tournament - (spring)
    • Team skills and drills

There are a number of elements that help players get recruited.  Some of the factors that colleges look at include:

  • Finding the right fit (getting to the right school, with the right scholarship, with the right coach and the right career) 
  • Academic requirements (GPA, SAT's and other academic requirements)
  • Athetic ability, playing style, and effort
  • Athletic achievements
  • Personal character

Find out more about our program and start as early as possible building the profile and skills that colleges and coaches are seeking in recruiting candidates.

This program starts at the 8th grade level.


Coach White


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