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Princeton Basketball Club is now an Accredited Organization and Coach White  a Gold Licensed coach with USA Basketball


Winter Travel Team Roster Listing: 

 PBC winter travel team evaluations are now completed 

 Below are the proposed team rosters for the PBC winter travel basketball teams. Players are listed on a team if they registered for and attended one or both of the team tryouts, You will receive a roster invitation via email shortly which will have specific details regarding practice days and times  and other pertinent information please respond right away if you are interested in accepting a roster spot so that rosters can be finalized   If a player’s name is not listed but should be; please let us know via email right away. The most likely reason is probably because they either did not register or registered and did not attend either tryout evaluation

Teams were configured based on but not limited to the following factors

a)   Needs of the team and competitive balance

b)   Potential conflicts which would impact a player’s attendance

c)   Experience and familiarity with the PBC program

Players marked with an asterisk will be asked to play with two teams if/when available



4th/5th Black                                                          

Alex Betru

Asher DeLue

Griffin Ettenberg

Jonathan Feldman

Justin Feder

Eshan Kulkarni

Travis Petrone


4th/5th Orange

Jonathan Chi

Noah Chung

Henry Jamieson-Dove

Matthew Ghaim

Thomas Huang

Colin Long

Nikola Petrovic

Krystian Roberts



6th Grade

Henry Doran

Kian Bragg*

Frank McLaughlin*

Tarak Jayachandran*

Benji Tarter

Max Majeski

John Linko

Jack Davidge

Gabriel Jacknow

Kevin Xia

Max Calaquian

John Olivi


7th Grade

Jude Blaser

Ethan Roth

Jack Serxner

Derek Choe

Jack Durbin

Rohan Agarwal

Cole Piepszak

Ryan Guy


8th Grade Black

Will Doran

Matt Singer

Connor McDowell

Zach Naddleman

Ethan McLaughlin

Jaxon Petrone

Jake Zuckerman

Gabe Majeski


8th Grade Orange

Jacob Rose-Seiden

Sam Shamsey

Carl Birge

Teohan Blind*

Brandon Lee*

John Reardon

Arnav Joshi

Jack Godfrey



Girls Teams

4th/5th Bengal Kits

Lauren Kaswan

Ava LaMonica*

Francesca Schiro*

Nadia Siwiec*

Joelle Vermut

Lek Dudon

Lila Raivetz

Scarlett Angelone


6th Grade Bengal Kits

Marcela Nearing*

Sienna Angelone

Ava Caruso

Leah Rose-Seiden*

Claire Long

Alysse Kiesewetter

Olivia Specktor

Casey Serxner*

Francesca Schiro*

Nadia Siwiec*

Ava LaMonica*

Riley Devlin*

7th/8th Lady Bengals (Orange)

Macayla Rodriquez*

Morgan Matthews

Sadie Crahan

Bianca Evanovich

Sofia Jaffe

Srihitha Surapaneni

Leah Rose-Seiden

Riley Devlin*


7th/8th Lady Bengals Black

Nora Devine

Sarah Granozio

Molly Brown

Samantha Renda

Emma Boice

Macayla Rodriquez*

Gayelle Labissere

Casey Serxner











Coach White