Coach Clarence White


Travel Basketball Programs

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Winter Travel, Spring/Summer AAU Programs

In addition to our Spring and Summer AAU program PBC is now offering boys and girls competitive winter travel teams which will play in true travel leagues that feature home and away games.







Fall Programs

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Fall Leagues

The fall leagues build off the skills and drills sessions in August and help players prepare for school team and travel team try-outs.

Our fall leagues begin to form in August, start in Sept and go through the end of October.  


4-8th Grade

HS Boys 9th/10th Grade (Sub Varsity)

HS Girls






Private Programs

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Private Lessons

Coach Clarence White is available for semi private lessons with groups ranking from 3-5 players per group.  The lessons are focused on helping players continue to master and improve the basic fundamentals, which are conditioning, footwork, ball handling and shooting. 

Video taping of sessions is available and can be used for further development through the video assessment sessions. 

Private sessions

$60/1-hr sessions
$300/ 6-pack session



Video Assessment Sessions

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One-on-one video assessment sessions help players review their game and practice sessions that are video taped to point out their strengths and areas of improvement.  Other game tapes and pre-recorded video games will be reviewed.

The key focus for the video assessment sessions is on the fundamentals.

1.5 hour sessions

College Recruiting Program

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College recruiting for basketball talent is growing rapidly and is very competitive Today talented athletes have a chance to be exposed to colleges if they start early and go through the process methodically. As a coach, I see the importance of helping students who are interested in getting exposed to colleges.  This opportunity becomes more and more critical the closer the player is to graduating.

The earlier you start the process, the more you can prepare to position yourself to be recruited. To help players get recruiting, I have developed a program that will prepare you in different areas, expose you to colleges, and market you to targeted colleges.   

Summer Programs

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Skills and Drills Clinics

Skills and Drills Clinic is a pre-season 4-week skills-only daily clinic designed to work on one-on-one team play defensive drills to prepare for upcoming seasons, for grades 4-8, middle school travel season, and high school teams.

Heavy emphasis on conditioning, speed and agility and defensive work at the individual and team level.

$325/All 4-weeks


Runs during the month of August







Pro Shot System Shooting Clinic

The Shooting Clinic is based on the Pro Shot Shooting System, which is an advanced shooting program based on biomechanics and focusing. 

The System is currently being employed by thousands of professional, collegiate and high school players and hundreds of AAU, high school and college teams.










College Elite Summer Camps

 College Team and Exposure camps